American Bulldog History

American Bulldog HistoryThe history of the American Bulldog isn’t entirely certain, but there are three dominant theories. The first theory is that the American Bulldog is essentially a breed that has been ‘made up’ by mixing other breeds. It is more commonly believed, however, that the American Bulldog was first brought to the United States by the colonists. The dogs are thought to have been used as help on farms, offering security and helping gather cattle.

This theory also suggests that the American Bulldog is the genuine and original English Bulldog, which has remained unchanged since it was brought to the Americas by the colonists. This means that the modern English Bulldog has changed quite dramatically over the years to develop its smaller stature and deep wrinkles.

Another common theory is that the original English Bulldog was actually an ancestor of the modern American Bulldog. The American Bulldog is therefore thought to have been changed over many generations through selective breeding to create the taller and more sturdy dog it is today.

The evidence to suggest that the American Bulldog is the true, original English Bulldog comes from records which show that many Bull Terriers and Bulldogs were exported to the United States. Many paintings and other works of art also exist which show dogs, that look extremely similar to American Bulldogs, alongside colonists working in rural America.

Breeders have popularized the theory that the American Bulldog is what the original English Bulldog looked like when it came from the British Isles in the 17th and 18thCentury, meaning it could simply be an old tale that has been sold as truth. It is, however, one of the only explanations that we have – and, artistic renditions of the dog appear to suggest it is true.

The white coloring that you will see on most American Bulldogs was the color of most English Bulldogs in the 17th and 18th Century, and even in many Bull breed dogs in England today. However, suggesting that the dog has remained completely unchanged for centuries in the United States is farfetched. Over generations, the dog will have been shaped by the dogs chosen to breed, as well as its environment, and so it will no doubt have changed just as much as Bull breed dogs have changed in the UK and Europe.