American Bulldog Temperament

American Bulldog TemperamentThe American Bulldog is a strong and determined dog. They’re full of life and confidence, and they’re extremely loyal to their owner. The breed needs lots of exercise, as they love to run, play and chase, and have been used historically for hunting and farm work as a result of the sheer amount of energy they seem to have at all times.

The American Bulldog is by no means a house dog, and their loyalty to their owners can sometimes mean that they are wary of strangers. As soon as the dog realizes that a stranger is not a threat, however, they quickly become friendly and loving.

In order to achieve this loving personality, however, the dog must be socialized from a very early age. This means your Bulldog puppy will need to be exposes to new people and other dogs as often as possible. One way to achieve this is to attend dog shows and allow your puppy to meet other dogs, and American Bulldogs, from a young age. Meeting people at the same time will mean your dog will grow up to not fear other humans.

As a working dog, the American Bulldog is also extremely smart. If you’re looking for a dog who can understand orders, then this is the breed for you. Despite the fact that the breed will want to be your boss, and is extremely wilful, you will be able to overcome this with strict training. Show your dog who is boss, and your Bulldog will become extremely loyal and well-behaved.

Untrained Bulldogs will attempt to rule you, they will claim whatever piece of furniture they like and they can even become destructive when their owners are not around. This can easily be avoided by giving your Bulldog plenty of attention.

If you are not around during the week to give your Bulldog plenty of love and attention, be sure to hire a dog walker. This will relieve your dog’s pent up energy and keep them happy until the weekend, when you’ll need to do plenty of running and playing.

When trained well, the American Bulldog is one of the most loving dogs around, with an incredibly warm temperament. Don’t let their strong will put you off!