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In 2002 we were thinking of getting a beagle….we were hunting alot but always hunting with my brother & his hounds.  He called me one night & informed me that he was going to get me a beagle for Christmas.  I told him NOOOO we were traveling alot & a dog just would not fit into our lives.  After chatting with him for awhile he informed of a man that had some nice hounds for sale & in fact was the same man that he & my father had in years passed purchased one of the best beagles that my father ever owned.  HE WAS VERY CONVINCING!!  Well after talking with him I called the man that had the beagles for sale.  But it was a little to late, he had sold them all.  After talking with him for some time & he telling me of their pedigree.  I ordered up not one but two beagles.  He would be breeding some of his females in the spring & I was put on the top of the list.  I only wished that I would have ordered up 4 instead of the 2.  Trisca was whelped 6/13/03 on a  FRIDAY!!!  So her name……….Triscadeca………….Triscadecaphobia is the fear of the number 13.  But so far all good LUCK!!  Anny was whelped 8/22/03.  My all around  favorite shotgun being 12 gauge ……& so Barker Brook’s 12 Gauge Anny.  Barker Brook borders my land……..a good name for the hounds!!  These Girls just took over our lives!!!  We got Trisca when she was 8 weeks old & she went everywhere with us.  At that time we did alot of hiking & she hiked many a trail.  A favorite game with her………I would run ahead & hide.  Jack would hold her back & then let her go.  She would always find me no matter how far ahead I would get ahead of her.  This was always a game to her but would prove an asset when I started to train her for rabbit hunting.  These Girls have a great nose, desire & brains  They were a joy to train.  We were shooting rabbits over them at 6 & 8 months old.  What a pair!!  Like I said I only wish I had 2 of each of their breeding………A good cross of each of those litters.  The first Field Trial I went to was in the spring of 2003.  I saw an ad for the Androscoggin Trial & went to observe.  I was so amazed by all that was going on & asked alot of questions.  Everyone there was very helpful & explained what was going on.  I would later end up joining this club.  The last couple of years have flown by.  We have become regulars at the field trials & have met some great people.  The trial people have become our extended family & we have had many great times. We have added 2 males to our kennel.  A nice black & tan with some white……..Barker Brook’s Blackdash Bogey.  We purchased him when he was 8 wks old ….. Sire FC Babbitts Brown Face & Dam Nelson’s Black Velvet  Same as the the Girls a real pleasure to train………he has a great nose,desire, foot, brains & MR. PERSONALITY PLUS!!!!  You take him out in the wild & always come home with at least two for stew!!  Then there’s Barker Brook’s Waylon Willie ………whelped 6/23/06…….a nice male that ran his own rabbit at 12 weeks old, half a circle in the large training area of our club.  A lot of nose,desire, brains, & a big mush pup.  His sire is Can FC Getemout El Zorro & Dam Rood Pond Blaze……..A very strong male……..he can run all day & not tire……Trisca & Anny have proven themselves over & over again  both in the wild hunting & on the Field Trial Circuit.  These four hounds are the Foundation of our Kennel.  So there you have some idea of what we’re about. I hope you enjoy our site!!

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