Dreampet Kennel

Dreampet Kennel is a family ran kennel located on 10 acres in a small town of the upstate of South Carolina.

Our breeding program is based on improving and maintaining healthy, intelligent Bostons. We adhere to the American Kennel Club and the breed standard of Boston Terriers for correct conformation and breeder ethics. Although, there are no “absolute perfect” specimens of any breed, we think ours are very close and are selective with the Bostons we breed. We would not breed anything unless the potential is there for excellence. Only mature, healthy, examples of the breed are used in our breeding program.


The most important thing to us is that our dogs are well taken care of and loved. If a Scottie isn’t the right breed for your home, no worries. We breed for ourselves, but not every puppy in a litter may display show and breeding potential, but they all need to be loved dearly. And sometimes they all show potential, but we understand that some homes may not be interested in showing.  Also, we have two breeding programs to maintain – Bravo Scottish Terriers and La Chanson Bouviers.

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