Some tips for Irish Setter Training

Irish Setter Training TipsOnce you have decided that an Irish setter is the dog for you, there are a number of important things you can do to make you and your dog a much happier combination. These Irish Setter training tips have been developed over many years by many people who have happily raised one or more Irish setters. Because of the experience of these dog owners and because of the demonstrable success they have enjoyed, their ideas and information should certainly be taken seriously.

Exercise is everything

Obviously this applies to the general health of your dog and particularly when it is young and muscles and bones are developing. It is equally important from the health and safety point of view of your furniture, shoes and clothes. To put it bluntly, your average Irish setter is a ball of energy; they want to exercise, they want to play they want to use up their boundless energy.

If your Irish setter does not enjoy enough regular exercise, they could become distracted. Chewing clothes, furniture and items in your house and garden are not uncommon when the dog sadly needs more exercise.

Mental issues are as important as physical ones

It’s quite common for many types of dog to suffer from stress or anxiety particularly when they are left alone for long periods of time. You may have heard a dog barking or worse, howling because it is lonely and frustrated. You should be aware that the Irish setter in particular, is a breed which needs human contact. This breed of dog becomes a wonderful companion to its human owner or owners. An Irish Setter gives abundant affection and love but needs same in return. The Irish setter does not like being left alone for any unreasonable amount of time. If they are left alone for too long they can engage in destructive behavior and mournful barking. During your Irish Setter training be certain to avoid any situations where you leave your pup alone for extended periods of time.

Irish Setter Training: Tough love is required

So often a dog owner gives up or at least is inconsistent when training their dog. This is a serious flaw for all breeds and particularly so for the Irish setter. Certainly they are capable and intelligent and become a beautifully behaved dog when their training is complete. But they are also stubborn. If you are not consistent and persistent in your Irish Setter training routines, you will have a dog which is not fully and properly trained. The Irish setter can develop respect for you and for others but certainly needs dedicated and serious training.

A brush a day

The Irish setter is a long-haired dog. Their coat is beautiful to touch and look at but it is also capable of collecting leaves and twigs and forming knots. Irish setters love the water. Given that their health can be affected if their coat is not probably cared for. The simple solution is to carry out a daily grooming process. A simple brush and comb followed by a small treat is a routine both you and your Irish setter can become used to. They do shed their fur and this may mean regular cleaning of the room or rooms where your dog lives. Every 2 to 3 months, it is an excellent idea to take your Irish setter to a professional groomer.  An expert should periodically perform the cleaning and trimming of your Irish Setter.