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American BulldogThe American Bulldog, a utility dog, comes in two varieties – standard and classic. The breed is stocky and muscular with a short coat, and typically appear white with red, brindle and black patches all over. More recently, American Bulldogs have been bred to have full coats of brindle, brown, red, black and fawn.

Males weigh between 32 and 54kg, and bitches tend to weigh between 27 and 41kg. The stocky dog has a happy but defensive temperament, and their breed has a number of distinct characteristics – which you can find out below!


The American Bulldog is a friendly dog, but can appear standoffish at first. The large, muscular dog can look scary to some, and while they can be defensive of their owners, they quickly become friendly when they realize a person is not a threat. In order to ensure this kind of positive temperament, it’s important to socialize your American Bulldog from an early age. Taking your pet to dog training not only teaches him or her important things, but it exposes them to other dogs.

As the American Bulldog is loyal to its owners, it can become destructive if it is left alone for too long. For this reason, it’s important to consider crate training. Dogs love having their own space, and can stop large dogs from causing any destruction – deliberate or not – to the home.

If your American Bulldog isn’t socialized from an early age, dog aggression is common. This includes barking and attempting to fight with other dogs and animals.

A strong-willed and stubborn breed, the American Bulldog is also extremely intelligent, meaning they can learn new commands relatively easily.

Some Negative Points

A big dog isn’t for everybody, and the American Bulldog definitely has some downfalls. The size of the dog means you’ll need a larger house and car, and you’ll need to go out exercising with your dog more than you would a much smaller dog.

Furthermore, without socialization, your dog can become too protective and stubborn. As an owner, you’ll need to be strict with your pet and ensure that they know you are in charge.

The slobbering and drooling can also be a problem for people with fabric furniture and carpets, so if you’re planning on raising an American Bull Terrier, you should consider installing wooden floors which are much easier to clean.

A Bouncy Personality

American Bulldogs are a bouncy breed with a big personality. The dog needs lots of mental and physical stimulation, meaning you’ll need to take your dog out for a walk twice a day, take them running if you can, and provide them with plenty of opportunities to play during the day – whether it’s a bone or a ball they can play with at home.

Being such a bouncy and bubbly personality, the American Bulldog is not great as a household pet. Many people choose to keep their bulldog in a kennel outside, but those who keep the dog inside will need to give it as many exercise opportunities as possible.

Puppies are particularly bouncy. Up until three years old, the breed can be almost uncontrollable, running around and bumping into furniture at speed. For this reason, it’s important to keep a close eye on your pet at all times.

Health and Coat

American Bulldogs have short hair, but that doesn’t mean they don’t shed. Like most bull breeds, this dog tends to shed all year round, and their short, wiry hair tends to stick to your clothing, your furniture and upholstery, and of course your carpets. Combined with slobbering, whether they’re eating and drinking or not, they can cause quite a mess.

In terms of their health, they can be exposed to a multitude of health problems, which is why it’s important to regularly visit the vets. This breed will typically experience hip and joint problems as they get older, but a good vet will be able to prescribe medication as well as offer dietary advice that can help improve this area of their health.

The dog can also have flatulence issues, but you can reduce this by feeding them a more natural diet of fresh, red meat. The raw diet is ideal for a dog this large, and it ensures their bones and muscles have the nutrients they need to cope with the exercise they require.

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